Eva Nečasová—designity.cz



About designity

Eva Necasova (behind the designity brand) is an active creator focusing on various fields from designing lighting objects or jewelry to developing video games, lettering comics, illustration, photography and defining the visual identity of a brand.

​Her passion is in connecting textile crafts with technologies​ in interactive installations​.​ ​She recently founded the AI for Children initiative, which aims to support ​using ​artificial intelligence ​in ​​teaching.​ She regularly works with kids in elementary school — her field is technology.​

Growth, procedural modeling, 3D print, mushrooms, light, photography, Minecraft, metaverse, blockchain, AI, education, animation, comics, typography, books, illustration, indie games…

Adobe: Indesign, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Illustrator
Affinity: Designer, Photo
Corel (formerly), PhotoPea
3D: Basics in OpensCad, Tinkercad, Meshroom, Meshlab, Mandelbulb, PrusaSlicer, currently learning Houdini
High-Logic Font Creator
WordPress, Wix, PSPad

3D printing (FDM, Rebel II., Prusa), 3D pen, art direction, 2D computer animation in After Effects, isometric vector drawing, post production (photo in Photoshop and Affinity Photo, video in Adobe Premiere), keying (green screen—shooting and postproduction), product and portrait photography, digital collage techniques in Photoshop, prepress, lettering, digitizing handwritten fonts, webdesign, UI, experiences with working with kids, basics of programming, html, basics in 3D modeling, working with GAN, sewing techniques, shibori, basic robotics (Micro:bit, Ozobot, Otto robot), basics of electrical circuit.