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Eva cooperates with Just Monkeys theater.

Together with Vendula Jezkova Kasalická she created Blind Spots performance based on the book of the same name written by sociologist Daniel Prokop. The book is about the problems and challenges of today's Czech Republic — unresolved poverty and execution, unequal education, limited life chances and the rise of populism.

The performance processes the book from a non-traditional point of view, its performers tell their stories, the stories of blind spots.

The performance took place during a residential stay in Poland and subsequently in three places in Prague.

Eva cooperated as a stage and light designer. She was painting with white light on the performers during the whole performance.

Blind Spots

The main inspiration of this project was the book Slepé skvrny (Blind Spots) by a significant Czech sociologist Daniel Prokop. The book deals with contemporary sociological phenomena in the Czech society, mainly the division of the society and factors contributing to this division. The performance was realized in the open air, in public space — a street, a park, etc. The public space and its partakers — the audience and passers-by — is an ideal platform for an experiment in which we were investigating their mutual interaction in an instantly created situation. To the streets!

The composition of our group itself is heterogeneous (in terms of age, social status and psychology), but we are united in our desire to discover new forms of acting. This desire helps us to get closer to ourselves and to different forms of reflection of the world that surrounds us.

We discover new possibilities of human communication and its theater interpretation. That’s why our attention was captured by the main theme of Prokop’s book — blind spots, topics, that are hidden at first sight within the common vision of the contemporary world.

Within the performance, we tried to express ourselves also with the help of the archetype of light/darkness polarity; nine performers took part in the performance. In order to portray the light element, we incorporated in the performance the work of a Czech artist and designer Eva Nečasová with whom we established cooperation for the purpose of this project. The performances take place in the evening, so that the light can distinguish itself from the darkness. There was a projection forming part of the performance.